Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Humpty's Fall

Done with my next creation! Some of you know about my involvement with the delightfully twisted doll group Mrs. Blathersbys Orphanage for the Unattractive & Mentally Unsound (MRSBO). We have bimonthly themes and Decembers' is Victims of Nursery Ryhmes/Fairy Tales. My 'victim' is Humpty after the fall. So he sits, sadly and in pieces at the base of a wall. I used a real goose egg and carefully cut it apart then strengthened it with various compounds. There were two challenges with this particular sculpt; the first was sculpting his face on 3 separate pieces and the second was learning about casting resin to get the look of spilled egg white (-the trick is to allow it to cure a bit before pouring). I am really eggsited about the way it turned out.

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