Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh My...has it really been 3 weeks?!

I'm am far behind on my promise to post once a week, aren't I? Well, maybe I'll have to amend that to once every two or three : ).

Well, the doll swap with MRSBO members was great fun and I am now the owner of a wonderfully goofy doll named Wally by Kamilla of, fabulous creator of creepy dolls. If I think of it later, I will post a pic.

Lots of projects mid-stride and I keep starting new ones before finishing the older. I'm just getting lazy about posting the auctions I think. They are a lot of work in themselves! I do have a Santa that I sculpted onto a cypress knee. A cypress knee is the part of the cypress tree roots that protrude up out of the water in the Cypress swamps. They have long been harvested & used in artistic ways.

I also have a Moon mirror that I bought at a yard sale and that I greatly enhanced his features with paperclay and added a black cat that is 'buffing' the moon. I hope to put that up Tuesday night for a 5 day auction.

I've sculpted with polymer clay for the first time in about 10 years. It's interesting how screw-ups can work for you. I sculpted a goofy looking face on a mini bottle gourd--going for a dullard sort-of look. When I baked him in my little toaster oven I forgot to set the temp lower than you would for a large oven so the polymer bubbled & blackened on the side nearest the overhead heat. Funny thing is; now I look at him and I see the dullard look as also being a face about to sneeze, so now I'm thinking allergies and the bubbles as 'hives'. So now he'll be a little goblin or sprite that is allergic to something : )

Time to go.... till the next time!