Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bootique Offering - Double Trouble!

Blogspot is giving the administrator of the Castle Bootique fits this month & so she is having trouble posting July's offerings so I will offer a view of Ed & Ned Dread here, two brothers who are as close as two brothers can be!  It's picture day at Ghoulie School & they are excited & grinning like fools.

7" high x 7" wide

The Florida Keys

Sorry, my lovlies, that I've been scarce.  Very, very busy working & trying to create. Enjoyed a week in Florida a month ago, had gorgeous weather and a lovely time.  We only fly somewhere every 5 years.  Went snorkeling for the first time & absolutely loved it.  Next time I vow to buy an underwater camera.  I must have seen over 50 different species of tropical fish!  Even saw the tail of a small reef shark swim quickly away from us!  We stayed on Long Key and used the week to explore the keys below us.  Key Largo did not impress and Islamorada, although being told by several people that is was their favorite didn't charm us as much.  Bahia Honda and Key Biscayne were my favorites.  I'd definitely go back.

The lighthouse at Cape Florida in Bill Baggs Park on Key Biscayne

A polydactyl (six-toed) descendant of Hemingway's cats on Key West

The chickens that roam everywhere on Key West.

The fabulous views from the 7 mile bridge.

The Southermost House on Key West - A bed & breakfast.  Stunning architecture!

No explanation needed but it was a trick just to grab a pic with no one near!

Our resort apartment was 2 short blocks up and canal-side but this was the view from the main resort which we were able to enjoy as well.