Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Group & Misfit Toys it's been awhile. But I've been very busy as I'm sure you all have been. In fact I haven't even decorated inside yet and I'm only halfway finished with my shopping. Currently in the works is an ornie of Scrooge. My love for outrageous facial expressions makes this one a natural for me : )

Anyway, the most time-consuming endeavor has been one of the most fun; I, along with another ebay artist -Tammy of LightandShadowStudio, have started a new ebay artists group-this has been in the works for about two months prior to its debut but we finally rowed up our ducks. We settled on the name Because We Believe-Art (BWBA) to encompass all the Holidays and even some non-holiday ideas like Pink Elephants and the Bluebird of Happiness.

Our first event that is open for the whole month of December is Misfit Toys. I have an extremely hard time conjuring up 'cute' or even traditional since I have such a strong affinity for Halloween but for many of our members this is not a problem.

My entry is "Phil Knotts" who, as suggested to me by our group moderator Karen of idrawpix, looks like the love child of Don Knotts and Phyllis Diller.
Here is a link to his auction-- Phil Knotts and of course if you type in bwba in the ebay search window you'll see all that is offered by our talented members.

We're hoping to offer a diverse choice of art and have recently added some talented doll artists to the group--Come check us out!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Boy...

And that was "oh boy : ( " as the opposite of "Oh Boy!!" Here I am directing people to MYspace and completely forgetting that AOL shutdown it's ftp space. Most of my pictures were hosted there & I loved it because they posted in the size you sent it (no automatic resizing) and it was easily accessable from my bookmarks with no additional signing in and remembering THAT particular websites password. All you see are the little red 'X's unless you go into my pics. The slideshow is still there because it's hosted on photobucket but that's not really current and I still have not found a comparable site to AOL to host my pics. Boohoo. I'm done whining now.

Today is Black Friday and you'll find me nowhere near the madness. Never quite saw the sense in that to save a few more dollars. In this economy you can bet that the stores will be offering the same or better discounts closer to Christmas when they realize that this shopping season will be another bust for them. I will sit here & relax today and keep my sanity, thank you very much!

Aside from the current Holiday hubbaloo, I have been keeping very busy...more on that later! TTFN~

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My "myspace"...

It just occured to me to direct you my myspace where almost all of my pics of past works reside for those of you who want to see older stuff.

My slideshow is pretty old but I do have more current things in my pics under new stuff.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alright, so I'm no good setting a posting goal for myself so I guess I'll just have to do this when I remember. This is my problem; I am so new to blogging I usually forget about it. Not overly comfortable with writing about myself either.

Well, now that the Halloween holiday rush is over (I did very well, by the way!), I've been VERY busy at work and will continue to be busy until next weekend then things should get back to normal. I do have about three projects started, two of those are more vampires in the same stance as Surly Shirley.

The third project is a cat bust made with joined gourds. He has that big evil smile I like to make like the one on the cat above.

I should also be thinking Christmas but I just don't enjoy santa and snowmen like I do vampires and witches. I have to see what I can come up with.

Till next time...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh My...has it really been 3 weeks?!

I'm am far behind on my promise to post once a week, aren't I? Well, maybe I'll have to amend that to once every two or three : ).

Well, the doll swap with MRSBO members was great fun and I am now the owner of a wonderfully goofy doll named Wally by Kamilla of, fabulous creator of creepy dolls. If I think of it later, I will post a pic.

Lots of projects mid-stride and I keep starting new ones before finishing the older. I'm just getting lazy about posting the auctions I think. They are a lot of work in themselves! I do have a Santa that I sculpted onto a cypress knee. A cypress knee is the part of the cypress tree roots that protrude up out of the water in the Cypress swamps. They have long been harvested & used in artistic ways.

I also have a Moon mirror that I bought at a yard sale and that I greatly enhanced his features with paperclay and added a black cat that is 'buffing' the moon. I hope to put that up Tuesday night for a 5 day auction.

I've sculpted with polymer clay for the first time in about 10 years. It's interesting how screw-ups can work for you. I sculpted a goofy looking face on a mini bottle gourd--going for a dullard sort-of look. When I baked him in my little toaster oven I forgot to set the temp lower than you would for a large oven so the polymer bubbled & blackened on the side nearest the overhead heat. Funny thing is; now I look at him and I see the dullard look as also being a face about to sneeze, so now I'm thinking allergies and the bubbles as 'hives'. So now he'll be a little goblin or sprite that is allergic to something : )

Time to go.... till the next time!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Surly Shirley Goth Girl

I am in a doll group that is w-a-a-a-y off center called MRSBO. All of the dolls we create are dark in nature (of course). I had asked if any members were interested in a doll swap and got four of us involved.

Tomorrow is the deadline and I finished mine today :::the queen of procrastination sez proudly::: I plan on creating a similar one for sale but for now here is "Surly Shirley". My apologies to any Shirley's out there! Behind her back is a poor teddy bear that she garroted.

She stands about 9" tall and is Aves paper maché over a wire & foil armature with a styro ball head. A smoother finish of paperclay on top. Her skirt is fabric, her headband is baby ricrac and her shoelaces are made of button/craft thread and are actually threaded on the boots. The teddy bear that you can't see is polymer.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gee..Time Flies

Oh my, I can't believe a whole week has gone by. Aside from work I've been busy, busy, busy. Had to catch up on the doll I owe for the MRSBO's group doll swap. I am really likin' her-in fact I've started another to sell. She's based on a character from a t-shirt my daughter once had. The name I have given her is "Surly Shirley" (my apologies to the real Shirley's out there, hope you're not surly!). She is a little goth punkette. Pics as soon as she's done.

My Possessed Nun with the rotating head is up on ebay on the pic to go to my auction.

I'm glad I had her to put up since I've got all this other non-moola producing stuff to do. She's been finished since mid-July but not due till the end of August. I had sneak peeks at the other girls dolls and they are fabulously creepy!

As soon as I polish off my little goth girl, I've gotta get cranking on another swap within AQHU (Artistic Halloween Queens Unite). I have as my recipient one of my favorite characters in the group-Linda (paint_misbehavin) so I've gotta cook up something impressive.

Thanks for all the previous encouraging comments : )


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wow...My first Blog Post

Okay, I don't know how good I'm going to be at this, but here goes...

Lessee, it's mid-August and I've just pulled my listing of my Fly-Frog-Pumkin sculpt off Ebay to change out the base. That candlestick just wasn't working for me, ya know?

I figured that if, when I got home from work yesterday and the thing had no bids I'd remove the listing. Wouldn't ya know it, I immediately got an email from someone who said she planned to buy it, would I be relisting?

My son's girlfriend put into words what I could not about what was bothering me about it. She said it looked mismatched. Anyway the one I've chosen now suits it much better. I hope to have it finished & put back up tonight. I'll post it's link when I do.

Hmmmm...other things in the works...I've got my Possessed Nun waiting in the wings for the MRSBO launch at the end of August. The members of that group are participating in a doll swap and I haven't even started mine yet (and it was my idea!). That's due at the end of August. I'd better get started on that one pronto!

Another one of my groups -AHQU (Artistic Halloween Queens Unite) is participating in a swap as well. That's a September due date so there is some breathing room there but I am a procrastinator with a capital 'P'.

Found some great things at yard sales last week that I can revamp as suitable Halloween art props-a buggy (amish-type but not for long!), a small handmade wooden wagon and a larger wheelbarrow type wagon. Got some ideas cooking on how to use these.

Oh well, that's enough for now. Gotta save some for another day. : 0 )