Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hope in the Heart of Darkness

I just have to share this. This was made by Karen of idrawpix, our Mod at BWBA, and is sooo visually captivating, I personally think it's gallery-worthy.

The group plans to have a theme for each month with auctions for each posted anytime in the month prior, so all of January our group will be posting "Heart of Darkness" pieces, paying tribute to Valentines Day. Karen's is so striking I just have to post it here. Feast your eyeballs!
Click here to go to her auction!


Sarah said...

I just adore this one! It is deeply moving!! Thanks for sharing it!!
Just love seeing all your new work too!!!! Sarah

Laurie said...

Yes, it is-and beautifully photographed as well. Now stop telling everyone or I will get outbid!!

idrawpix said...

Thank you Josie for showcasing my current art piece - and your compliments have me blushing!

The Whimsical Goblin said...

Its an amazing piece, thank you for showing us Josie.

ODDimagination said...

I LOVE This! My kind of Art for sure. :o)