Friday, April 29, 2011

Boney Bobber WIP aka Mays Bootique Offering

May first @ noon this guy goes up for sale at the Queens Bootique...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Never got around to posting my update for STJ.  I've been busy trying to ready several pieces at once to send along for the Spookytime Jingles booth at the upcoming  National Haunters Convention  in King of Prussia, PA on May 5th-8th so I've been neglecting my blog as well.

 Below are a few pics of some of the things I'm sending.  I have a few more days before I've got to pack it all up & send it so I hope to have a total of eight at least.  I was aiming to finish the witch (below) to offer for STJ's April update but it just didn't happen so I offered this Cute Li'l Devil and I am so flattered that he was purchased by Dani Nelson herself-founder of Spookytime Jingles!

This gal is pretty big - just about 16" high.  Her head/hat is a dried banana gourd with the rim a piece of round cut out of a birdhouse gourd.  Her body/dress armature is made of a bell shaped plastic cap I recycled from a huge toner cartridge I use at work.  I use these caps for armatures fairly often as they are a great shape. It's been covered with plaster cloth and finished with a smooth skin of paper clay.

There will be a spider dangling from her hat brim at eye level and she'll hold a banner that says Oct 31. And of course, the base will be improved.

These creepy kids were lots of fun to make as I used dried gourds that I grew in my yard last year for their heads.  I used Jiffy Foam for their bodies.  This stuff is really cool as it is uber-lightweight and super carveable (now sold as Balsa-wood).  I gave the bodies both a hard shell of powdered mache and each got wool hair that I dyed myself. 


Since the pic was taken I've  made and applied a decal to the boy's shirt that says "I Heart Brains".

A nod to Mardi Gras ~ The Voodoo Priest.  Here's another head done on a dried gourd.  A large pear gourd.  This one has been attached to a metal candle holder so it's pretty hefty. He has a flocked  and beribboned top hat adorned with a skull, bones and some pheasant feathers.  Since this pic was taken I've made him a bone necklace embellished with turquoise glass beads.

 The rest are in more beginning stages so I'll wait till they are further along to post.  Hope you enjoy looking and hope some of you can make it to the convention!