Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Group & Misfit Toys it's been awhile. But I've been very busy as I'm sure you all have been. In fact I haven't even decorated inside yet and I'm only halfway finished with my shopping. Currently in the works is an ornie of Scrooge. My love for outrageous facial expressions makes this one a natural for me : )

Anyway, the most time-consuming endeavor has been one of the most fun; I, along with another ebay artist -Tammy of LightandShadowStudio, have started a new ebay artists group-this has been in the works for about two months prior to its debut but we finally rowed up our ducks. We settled on the name Because We Believe-Art (BWBA) to encompass all the Holidays and even some non-holiday ideas like Pink Elephants and the Bluebird of Happiness.

Our first event that is open for the whole month of December is Misfit Toys. I have an extremely hard time conjuring up 'cute' or even traditional since I have such a strong affinity for Halloween but for many of our members this is not a problem.

My entry is "Phil Knotts" who, as suggested to me by our group moderator Karen of idrawpix, looks like the love child of Don Knotts and Phyllis Diller.
Here is a link to his auction-- Phil Knotts and of course if you type in bwba in the ebay search window you'll see all that is offered by our talented members.

We're hoping to offer a diverse choice of art and have recently added some talented doll artists to the group--Come check us out!