Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And the Cheshire Cat too!

Another entry for the Malice in Wonderland challenge in AHQU. This time it's the Chesire Cat with a decidely evil grin. He stands almost 8" high, is sculpted of Clay Shay and Apoxie sculpt on a sturdy dried hard shell pear gourd. I tried a new finish which gives him a look like he's rusty cast iron. I'm hoping to get both him & Mad up on ebay tonight for a 5-day auction since I missed listing on Sunday night.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Mad Hatter is Finally Done!

I finally finished the Mad Hatter. My main dilemma in finishing him seemed to be finding the perfect mount. I finally settled on an old vintage tin funnel that I covered in fabric.

I tried the flocking kit that I bought at the Gourdfest for the first time on the hat. When I purchased it, it was a bag of the fibers, a can of color matching adhesive and the tool to apply it. I asked the seller why there was no clear adhesive (thinking why can't you just paint your object the same color and use a clear adhesive). I was told they do make a 'low' grade clear which of course she didn't have offered but that it was not as good a quality as the colored stuff. Hmm, yeah. Talk about a scheme to make money - that stuff ain't cheap!

Having tried it, I found that a few marks were left on the top of the hat from my fingers after the drying/curing time. So I decided I would try some spray adhesive -the kind that stays tacky for five minutes so you can reposition whatever and used the tool to blow the fibers on that. Turned out to be an excellent touch-up solution : - )

I will list him for sale on eBay Sunday eve. Look for him there for more pictures!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

STJ Sneaky Peeky & Malice in Wonderland WIP Update...

Here's a peek at my latest offering for SpookyTime Jingles for the month of August. I call this one "The Hag Wagon".

This one is a pretty involved piece with the wagon, the two pumpkins, the hag & her hat & broom. I kept wanting to add stuff such as a cat but I would have had to attach her hat to her head so the cat could sit on the pumpkin but I think that would have made the sculpt too high. As it is now it is almost as long as it is high (10"x 11" x 6").

She has some fun little details such as branches made from epoxy affixed to the side of the wagon with copper wire to hold her broom and the use of the vintage easter grass turned out to be just perfect for the bedding of straw. I am particularly fond of the face on the second pumpkin : )

And here is my Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat WIP update which are both a little further along than this. Mad needs mounted to a base. He has a hat and is painted but is a bit heavier than planned so the intended candlestick although made of wrought iron may be too tall so I fear it may be topheavy.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Malice In Wonderland - Part 2

So...I've put (M)Alice aside for now as I am becoming quite frustrated with the wig. I tried my version of a friends suggestion of using alcohol ink. Even though it was thoroughly dry when I rinsed it most of it came out. I will either have to look for a similar doll that already has black hair so I can have her wig or sculpt her hair from Apoxie Sculpt which is probably what I'll end up doing.

I've started both a Cheshire Cat head and a Mad Hatter head both over pear gourds.

I really stinted on the addition of water to the Clay Shay mix and had absolutely no problems with the shrinkage that made it necessary to glue the features back on after they popped off after drying on previous pieces. I had read that for a clay like feel the ratio was 5:1 but who measures? I go by feel. I still went by feel but added the water in tiny increments after the first addition. I still think I prefer the Master Maché. I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy the big honkin' 25 lb box. That should hold me for awhile : D

The cat still needs ears and some cruel looking teeth yet. Mad needs a hat of course and a lower jaw and a spiffy bowtie. They will both be Make-do's I believe, as I have found some really cool wrought iron candle sticks that perfectly suit this theme. I really do like the cement-like texture of these powdered machés. I will probably only smooth on a skin of paperclay on their eyes and teeth. Undecided about adding it to the cat for fur. Something to mull over.

Oh yeah, I owe some pictures of the pond areas in summer. I'll save that be for the next post!