Monday, February 28, 2011

ARGH Matey!

Here's a Boo teaser for the imminent update on the Queens Marketplace! He's a pirate skelly ornamant who's passed on of scurvy about 250 years ago.  He's about 10" high with the hanger.  He's got a gold tooth, an eyepatch and breath like death.  Jack Sparrow he ain't, but he's still pretty gnarly!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bad, Bad Girl and STJ Teasers..

I've been such a bad and neglectful blogger to have stayed away so long but truth be told I have been so busy I've not had time.  In fact, I had planned on participating in the final OWOH and just couldn't manage to finish in time so my apologies for saying I would then reneging. 

I promise to be better. Forgive?

Tomorrow night at midnight's the night for the February SpookyTime Jingles Update! There are lots of good things a-coming if the STJ flickr group pics are any indication!   And here is a sneak peek at my goodies... My Halloween page features this sweet vintage-style guy who's a bobber/nodder with just the right amount of weight to his head.  He's encircled with a festive array of paper-clay candy corn.
And those of you who follow my art know I have a fondness for creating Humpties.  And this years Easter Hootenanny gives me just such an opportunity to create him once again in another incarnation.  This years guy is a brown-egg Humpty and once again he bobbles on the edge of a wall.

Hope they whet your appetite!  See you there!