Monday, July 27, 2009

Malice in Wonderland...

I am so overdue for a blog apologies to all!

The cat bite finger incision is healed but my finger is still swollen so pretty much unusable for everyday tasks although I can bend as far as I need to now for grasping a pen or a paintbrush. Good thing for me I'm ambidextrous so I can continue to create.

The kitten is still living on my porch although it is now IN the house more than in the kennel. Hubby still will not say I can have her but she is growing on him & I will be taking her to get fixed next Friday so even if I cannot at least she will not be perpetuating the homeless kitten/feral cat problem.

Oooo...we're having a Malice in Wonderland challenge in AHQU! I'm very excited because this was one I suggested a over a year ago. I have two ideas for this theme in my head. Here's one, this weekend I paid a buck for a forlorn 1987 brinn porcelain angel doll at a yard sale. Her one thumb is chipped off and her hair was all tangled so I removed her wig. It's blond and I want her to have black hair so I'll have to do some research to see if it can be salvaged/colored.

I took a before and after pic...after I "bitched" up her features...LOL and she looks pretty sinister so far so she should make a great dark Alice.

LOL...this will be the second angel that I've given new life to (albeit on the darker side). The other one was Belinda, a witch that used to be a blocky blunt-featured Christmas Angel.

Aw Geez, I'm probably offending someone. I'll stop now ; )

Monday, July 6, 2009

Spooky Time Jingles 1 Year Anniversary!

It's STJ's one year anniversary! Lot's of exciting things going on with more talented artists coming aboard and a very well-known Guest Artist will be featured! Lots more door prizes will be offered for the Anniversary special. Free shipping will be offered on most pieces with others being discounted AND the artists are donating a portion of the sale to the ASPCA or local shelter in the buyers name!

Given my recent bout with a stray kitty this has hit home - we must make an effort to control the population of our furry feline friends. Shame on anyone who lets their unspayed pet roam where they can proliferate unchecked and their offspring be doomed to a life as a feral cat.

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