Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally Finished ...

Well I managed to get three things listed at once. My Creepy Clown, a malevolent looking vampire and the kitty of my banner - all ornies. I was pretty proud of myself too thinking I'm getting more prolific, then I realized I hadn't really produced any more than usual, I just hoarded them till they were all done. Anyway, you can click on the pic of Drac to link to them all:

Thanks for looking : )

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Killer Clown

I'm very happy with the way my killer clown turned out! I made him a 'wig' made of needlefelted wool...
If he makes you pee your pants just a little then my job here is done

I'll probably put him up for sale on Ebay Sunday night.


No clowning around.



Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hey, ya know I mentioned that I went to the Nat'l Haunters Convention? Where I got to see the SpookyTimes Jingles superb booth, up close & personal (bought sumpin' too!) and was exposed to zombies & ghoulies and bloody body parts and crazy animatronics throughout the rest of the convention. Did I come away with some ideas? Oh Yeah!

Here's the most frightening one & he's halfway finished. He needs hair, a hat & a collar yet and I have to dampen down that shine so stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Izzit Multitasking or ADD?

Soooo many things going on at once. I put the dolls bodies aside to pick on some gourds. And then this quirky little guy came outta nowhere...

This is Java Joe. That is a real coffee cup I used for his body and I used the actual lid as the mold (gasp!) for the lid.

Seriously, I don't know what possessed me to make him but another one of my coworkers is giving him the 'eye'. She is my on-the-spot critiquer (izzat a word?) & wants me to do another as a gift for a java junkie friend. Ha! Little does she know, I hate doing repeats so I have to debate with myself...try him out on ebay and see what the interest is like or just flat out sell him to her without ever knowing. Too bad I don't work for a bigger place...I could do all my business with my coworkers...hehehe.

And the two gourd pieces are nearing completion; an ornie and a candy bowl both in the fashion of the cat on my banner so I will have something to offer soon.

The other news was that I went to the National Haunters Convention in King-of-Prussia on Friday to see all the SpookyTime Jingles goodies up close and personal. Such eye-candy!! And a truly fabulous display. Dani (Ambitions Design) really put forth an outstanding effort to make that a success.

Aside from that treat, I met Claire Lavin who was there to appraise vintage & antique halloween collectibles. She wrote the books Timeless Halloween Collectibles and Time for Halloween Decorations.

Also in evidence were lots of zombies and body parts and some really cool animatronics. I'll have to post some of those pics as soon as I upload them.