Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chickees Wild Ride

Ha! Who says I can't do cute?

This guy's big too...his body is a 10" penguin gourd.

"Chickie's Wild Ride"

Hope to have him listed on Ebay tomorrow night.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Projects...Moving on

Oh, the time between projects is a funny time. Ideas for the next one are starting to gel. There is an antsy-ness to this period when in a creative high. With nothing in mid-creation I pick up and ponder armatures I've started but lost interest in to see if they are ready to be worked on yet. I know there are some that are hopeless but I am loathe to throw them away. Some of my most successful sculpts are those that I've started but didn't finish 'till months later or even mostly finished but have put aside then given a redo upon revisitation.

The ebay Halloween group HA31 is working on a spring time theme ideas so I've got some ideas percolating there. And for BWBA I do have an armature started for a large leaping bunny on a bedspring that I'm eggsited about ; ) and my skull swap for DAG needs finished. The due date is not yet upon us so being the procrastinator that I am I will wait until my brow breaks out in sweat at the closeness of it...LOL. I work better under pressure for some odd reason. Pics to follow as soon as some of these projects are worthy : )

Monday, February 16, 2009

Morbid Curiosity

Edwin is finally finished (Yay!) I wrote a ditty to go with him...
It's called "Morbid Curiosity"

Edwin was a strange little boy
Though it wasn't that plain to see
Other kids avoided him like the plague
Friends just were not to be

One day while out exploring
Alone down by the sea
he spied a furry little dog
He was certain it would flee

But it didn't budge as he got up close
and approached it on his knees
He said, "Hey little fella, you're kinda thin
and I'll bet you're full of fleas"

"But you're also kinda cute 'n cuddly,
Do ya wanna come home with me??"
So Edwin had found a friend that day
thanks to morbid curiosity!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Hey Mom! I Found a Dog! Can I Keep Him?"

And now for something completely different...

Hope I don't scare you off but every once in a while I do something really creepy...LOL. Okay, I do it a lot. Anyway...This is...well, I haven't thought of the perfect name for him yet & I still have to think up a morbid little ditty, the Edward Gorey-esque type boy I mentioned in the earlier post. He's almost ready.

He has trouble finding friends to play with. Could be his strange nature...there's something just a little off-putting about him. Maybe it's because he never smiles. Either way, this may be his lucky day. He may have finally found a friend and he's always wanted a dog...he's poking it with a stick just to make sure it doesn't if only his Mom will let him keep it.

Disclaimer: No dogs, real or implied, were harmed in the making of this sculpture ; ).

Hope to have him up on ebay tomorrow night.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okay..this one's done...

Here my DAG blog O-W-O-H giveaway. There are 4 of us giving prizes and they are all surprises. I think it is now late enough as posting closes tonight that I can safely post his pic here.

This is the only one of the three I mentioned in the previous post that's finished. But the other two are right behind this one...

'Scuse me, I left an Art...

...Holy Multiple Projects, Batman! I gots three, count 'em, three! projects going at once. I swear, I liken my dry spots or creativity lows to being in an inspiration Dead Zone (pun intended) where reception is limited or non-existent but boy, when I come out of them, it's like BAM! 5 Bars! Anyone else like that? I'm sure the lull has something to do with attending to more mundane tasks such as taxes (blah!) and the fact that I do my kids, I do my moms and of course, our own which I haven't yet, ours that is.

Anyway, DAG (Dark Artists Guild) is having a skelly swap so I've got that started and I've volunteered to do something for the One-World-One-Heart (OWOH) giveaway for the DAG Blog so I'm finishing that up tonight AND this really strange boy appeared in my head last week and demanded to be let out. He is an Edward Gorey-esque type boy who has no friends so he plays with dead things. Eeeeeewwww. I know. Can't help it. There he was and he wasn't leaving. I am NOT a morbid person, I have no fascination with death, I just really like creepy stuff. Sooooo coming soon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sir Lixalot

Yay! I got him listed just before I went in and worked 9 hours of overtime. Working on him was much more fun.
Click here to go!