Monday, September 21, 2009

Making Progress

Here's a progress pic on ol' Alfie the Elfie. He's about 80% done. He'll be holding a toy to be painted in this hand and in the other he holds a paintbrush. He's about 12". I'm debating whether to fashion him a wool hat or sculpt him one. My original intent was the wool but I'll scrap it & sculpt one if it doesn't look right.

And here's a picture of Zoie at 6 months. Hubby's agreed to let me keep her and she's settling in nicely. I love taking these types of pics where the sun lights up the ends of their fur and throws the rest into shadow.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Latest WIP

I think will be my Spookytime Jingles Christmas entry for October. I'm really excited about this guy. I knew the basic shape of the character I was going for but not what his face would look like. I'm not one to do a conception drawing beforehand so he is evolving around this basic body shape. I sculpted his face last night and at one point he looked a bit like Alfred Hitchcock.

So I was wavering back & forth on whether he would be an old creepy guy maybe carrying a cat for a Halloween theme but after studying his legs I thought wow, they would look really great & goofy painted in red & white stripes, then I pictured the really high old man waistband (think Urkle) with suspenders so I just had to add pointy ears and Voila! An old Elf was born. An elf getting ready for retirement.

Of course, this could change but that's the direction I'm going in for now : - )


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Click on the link below to sign up for Artistic Halloween Queens Blog Giveaway! There are 3 opportunities to get your name thrown in the witches hat for some great prizes!


Latest for Spookytime Jingles

Here's my latest for STJ;

This bust is about 14" high and the base is about 7¼" in diameter so it's a good size. I've combined two different types of dried gourds together; a cannonball for the head and a gooseneck gourd with both the top and bottom cut off for the upper body. I've given the base a bottom so it is stronger and not just a shell. The held leg of the frog is Apoxie Sculpt for extra strength. The candy cup and his hat are made from a heavy-duty cardboard thread cone.

I've also pulled the Cheshire Cat from Ebay and will offer him on STJ as well. I currently have the Mad Hatter up for auction on Ebay and page views/watchers are waaaaay down from this same time last year. I haven't offered anything on ebay in a while so perhaps I'm suffering from that or the bidders just are not shopping. I know money is tight but I feel sorry for those who depend solely on the sale of their art to make a living. But for those with some extra cash it's a great time to grab some fabulous art at bargain prices!