Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gourd Booty!

SCREAM!!! Did I get booty or what!?!

I did spend about $120 though : - (

Here is my complete stash: $41 worth of gourds -most were $2 apiece. 9 milk bottle, 8 penguins, seven banana, 1 cannonball and 1 warty. 4 of the penguins were 4 for a dollar for having damage or not being cleaned (see the one with the mousie hole and the broken necked one?). The damage doesn't bother me because I will incorporate that into the sculpt somewhere -like the broken neck one, I usually use these for bodies and cut the tops off anyway.

I have gourd holes for the brim of witches hats, the two oddball shaped ones will be the ears for a pink elephant ornie I'm making for a prize for the random winner of our Pink Elephant challenge in BWBA. The other round wooden things are bases for gourds that don't want to sit on their own.

I got a reprint of a 1956 book on gourds called The Garden of Gourds by LH Bailey and a saber saw for gourds, a tool I could have made myself but heck, it was only $2.50.

The rest of the stuff was the salty stuff. Two flocking kits, some braided cord, some (more) metallic pigments, wax sealer and two paintbrushes with parallel heads on them! One with two thin ones for straight lines and one with two thicker for checkerboards - who knew they made these things?? Not I!

And look, the gourd that is one the farthest right is not compleatly dried yet. I am guaranteed FRESH seeds for growing my own penguin gourds next year-YIPPEE!


MarZel said...

Hi!! I read your blog everytime you post in igoogle. I LOVE IT! I am so jealous...a great booty indeed! Nothin says Halloween Harvest like dead gourds!! So ripe with promise...I cannot wait to see what you make! Thanks.

DellaRae said...

You better get to work...with all these lovelies you have lots to do. This is when I get exited and want to work more, when I find great materials.

Georgina said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Wow, you have quite a plethora of gourds...or do they come in pods?? LOL Anyway, mine are from around the desert area, round little gourds...nothing as elaborate as yours. They're dry but I don't know how to clean them. Some have dried mold on them, but they pretty much have the same dirt and grit as when they were picked. Thanks for any advise you can give on cleaning them.


jaz said... will be working until halloween to get all those gourds done. have you visited my blog yet? i have been posting my witch/halloween collection so you might want to take a look when you have time. today's post is just my garden so you might want to look back at older ones!

Sarah said...

Oh don't you love it when you get all the stuff to create!! How fun is this!! I just can't wait to see what you do with it all. Hope your weekend is going well hon, Sarah

Skeleton In My Closet said...

Heehee...Marzel...dead things, ripe with promise, you make me think of zombies : )

Yes, Dellarae, you are right about that, especially with new techniques (flocking) to explore.

Georgina, I'll visit your blog to post the additional info.

Jaz, I'll have to come check it out : )

Thanks, Sarah, yes, I have all sorts of ideas brewing : )

vintagepaletteart said...

SCORE is right! I had no idea they made double headed brushes either! lol We learn something new everyday!


Georgina said...

THANK YOU!!!! I'm going to make it my project for this week!!! Thank you again for the information...I truly appreciate it!


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

WOW Josie, you hit the mother load of the gourd wonderful is this...I'm anxious to see what becomes of this mother load of gourds! LOL Have a great Sunday.

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hey thanks for dropping by Josie-poo! I think your crow you are planning on will be awesome. I took some creative license with the eyes as they are supposed to be black. Just needed some color. I did sell him, so sculpt away. I keep forgetting to ask what are those cylinder cone type things? Are those from gourds too? They would make excellent sculpt bases. I wish I had more of the candle bases I just used. toodles, Tamster

Skeleton In My Closet said...

Why, yes, Tamster, that's exactly what they are. The two one the left are even slotted for lighted cords, of which I just so happen to have being the yard sale junkie that I am. : )

Tamara Dozier said...

Look at all those lovely materials you have! I can hardly wait to see what wonders you create with them.