Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fabulous Weekend Weather

Today Pap & I took M' Dink (actually her name is Angelé but we call her Dink, specifically My Dink which, since we are a family given to nicknames, has become M'Dink) with us to the river so we could catch some crawdads for the pond. And while I didn't get pictures of that endeavor I did take these few photos to share.

For some reason all the bullfrogs have fled the pond and we are left with one lonely leopard frog so the crawdads are relatively safe & will help keep the pond clean. Most of them will live in the upper pond that is vegetative and is fish-free. The larger ones will live in amongst the rocks below the waterfall. Here is my big lotus sending up a few healthy arials. Got hubby in there to heavily fertilize yesterday (first time EVER for him). Last year I must've been too stingy with the tablets because we got NO blooms whatsoever so let's hope for a happier year so I can share those brief (3-day) but beautiful blooms with you.

The flower below is one of my favorite flowers in the world. They just make me all-around happy with their colorful little multi-color blooms and their quirky fragrance, I've heard some say they smell like gasoline to them but I hate the smell of gas & can't for the life of me associate the two. Do you recognize them? They are lantana of course! They are an annual up north here (PA). I've seen how they grow in the south and I am so jealous!

And I finally got a really good picture of my waterpuppies. Those two big white koi are about 14" and are original to the pond (spring of 2003). The koi bred for the first time last year so that went a long way to evening out the koi-to-goldfish ratio.

And one last pic: a blast from my past. The pond in its humble beginnings, dug Sept/Oct of 2002. And to think the digging-out of a washpole started it all.


idrawpix said...

M'Dink is a cutie - with attitude! Josie, your pond and fish and whole piece of paradise is wonderful!

BTW, the word verificatiion asked me to type "colon"!!! Slightly offended am I! LOL!

DellaRae said...

I envy your pond. It looks wonderful. You're right about lantana in the south. It is a weed to us and grows like crazy everywhere.... but a beautiful weed.

essie said...

Wow M'Dink is a very beautiful girl!
and what a wonderful pond

Sonia ;) said...

Wow beautiful lil girl...And the ponds look awesome.

Sonia ;)

idrawpix said...

Josie, not only did I buy your Pumpkin King today, but I also gave you an award on my blog. I know that you have an award-free blog, so don't feel you must follow the award instructions. I simply had to mention your blog as one of my absolute favs so that my visitors will click on over to yours!