Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unfinished Projects

Oh, poor neglected little bloggie : (

Well, I'm in between projects right now, my monkey in a teapot sold to a coworker. That's ideal...fast payment, fast shipping! If we have a problem with the transaction we can just take it out to the parking lot. ; )

Took an opportunity to cut the tops off 4 large gourds and get them cleaned out. Now to think about what I want to do with them. I also started 2 doll armatures one for my three-eyed man whose head I made over a year ago and the second for a head I made last week, destined to be an albino I think.

I have to lighten up his antiquing a bit and give him eyebrows. Funny, he turned out to look a bit like my late beloved Uncle Ivan (without the third eye of course!).
I always get hung up on the costuming tho', since I'd rather sculpt it than sew it but that would hamper any posability. We shall see...


Judy C said...

I have wrinkles around my 2 eyes. Glad I don't have 3. He is super.

Creepy_Creations said...

Josie, he's very cool, I can't wait to see him done.


Light and Shadow Studio said...

Wonderful! You never fail to disappoint with your weird and dark imagination. I can hardly wait to see how he turns out. I love the three eyes! Your pet Tamster

Judy said...

Josie....your work is amazing! Love the third eye. What a great imagination you have!!!!


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Awesome! I also love that 3rd Eye!