Saturday, September 12, 2009

Latest for Spookytime Jingles

Here's my latest for STJ;

This bust is about 14" high and the base is about 7¼" in diameter so it's a good size. I've combined two different types of dried gourds together; a cannonball for the head and a gooseneck gourd with both the top and bottom cut off for the upper body. I've given the base a bottom so it is stronger and not just a shell. The held leg of the frog is Apoxie Sculpt for extra strength. The candy cup and his hat are made from a heavy-duty cardboard thread cone.

I've also pulled the Cheshire Cat from Ebay and will offer him on STJ as well. I currently have the Mad Hatter up for auction on Ebay and page views/watchers are waaaaay down from this same time last year. I haven't offered anything on ebay in a while so perhaps I'm suffering from that or the bidders just are not shopping. I know money is tight but I feel sorry for those who depend solely on the sale of their art to make a living. But for those with some extra cash it's a great time to grab some fabulous art at bargain prices!


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Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Wicked cool face. Nice!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hey Josie girl, I had to come by and say how much I LOVE the cat. Wow, you are turning out some wonderful creations lately. I would love to have that cat, I just think the details and his big grin are just fantastic. You always amaze me. Wonderful job!
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Pattee said...

Josie I love your cat with the frog!