Sunday, May 24, 2009

Latest WIP

This one's an angel bust. She's about 8" tall and currently waiting for her paperclay hair to dry so I may attach stronger Apoxie Sculpt to the ends that will be free-flowing. Her wings are not yet attached nor yet 'feathered'.

Been busy elsewhere, getting planters populated and working on 3 - Square Foot Gardening boxes for some yummy homegrown veggies, got seedlings popping out all over the place. I'm going to get some gourd seeds in the ground today as well and I'm on the hunt today for some ornamental kale & cabbage seeds, they just can't be beat for beautiful fall color.

Mother nature has been busy as well and today there are no less than 5 lillies blooming in the lower pond. Pond area still needs mulching so I hope to have that done on Tuesday then I will post pics of the whole pond.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day and please remember those who gave their lives so we could enjoy ours.


Gourdqueen said...

Jozay your Angel is coming along nicely! Is she really going to be an Angel?? Will there be a Gothic twist to her or will she have demon qualities? Surely she's not going to be just a normal angel?

Your pond is looking like a vacation spa! May I join?
Enjoy your time playing and working!

Creepy_Creations said...

The angel looks great and I love your pond! Great pics, thanks for sharing!


Pattee said...

Josie she is beautiful...
I didn't know you had angels in you LOL!

Your pond is ABSOLUTELY beautiful ... I've been wanting a pond but my husband is always thinking we are going to move so why put the $$$ in to it : (

Sonia ;) said...


The angel is beautiful...can't wait to see the finished product. Your pond is beautiful....

Sonia ;)

Skeleton In My Closet said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. No dark angel here, you shall see (although I did think!

Better pond pics have to wait for the mulch. We have two mature silver (dirty!) maples that finish dropping their spinners by Memorial day. I have lots of raking & hand-picking before I can spead the mulch, any helpers?

~* The Beldame on Peach Street *~ said...

Ooooh I can't wait to see how she turns out!!

Your gardens are so lovely. Will you come to my house please! I planted an herb/veggie garden this weekend. We had to put a little fence around it to keep the bunnies and deer out.....I just can't figure out how to make it pretty, too!


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Josie! Your angel looks magical already! I love how she will have free-flowing hair too! You are amazing! Can't wait to see her finished!

Thanks for your sweet comment on our BWBA blog! I really appreciate your support in my art! Have a great week!

Lisa :)