Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anti-Spam Notice

I've received a small number of posts from the curious regarding the japanese language characters above my blogger comment box.  What I really wanted to post was "Keep your skanky porn links off my blog" but that didn't translate well into japanese so I had to make-do with the way too simplistic "Links will be deleted".  Oh well.  It certainly has worked and that's what I was aiming for. : - )

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Pumpkin is Done...

Crude but servicable.  My company's logo is POS.  Now I need to get the right tools and try again.  Think I'm gonna get some different clay loop tools and try something else -perhaps a face since I like exaggerated expressions so much. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gypsy Mare Studios - Jennifer's a Local Celebrity!

What a great surprise to open Monday's local newspaper to the Lifestyles section and see an article about Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor.  Jennifer lives in the same burg that I work in.  Although I've never personally met her, we know of each other and have talked through our blogs.  I've seen Jennifer's work in the Gallery mentioned in the article and can vouch for how wonderful it is. 

This article was such good timing.  On my way to work on Monday I stopped at the local flower wagon and grabbed a few pumpkins to try my hand at carving in this method.  I had only ever previously carved the traditional way.  I figured I'd put our company logo on one so I could play at work. I even brought along my miniature wood carving chisels but found they were just all wrong for this type of work.  I googled carving techniques because my first one wasn't going well, printed the instructions out, heated my lunch and opened the paper. Lo and Behold, there was a how-to article courtesy of Jennifer!  She suggests using linoleum block carving tools and while  I know I have a set around here somewhere, it's been ages since I've seen them...So I brought along to work my vintage exacto knife set that comes with some of the same type of tools for extracting material like a clay loop tool.  Hey, I'm a make-do sort of person : - )

I should finish it tomorrow and will try to post a pic.  It's not nearly as easy as I thought.  But hopefully as Jennifer says - once  lit, they're all pretty.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lancaster (PA's) Creative Reuse Store!

How exciting! My location now has a Creative Reuse Store! It's been promoted on my local news so I thought I'd go take a gander.

Creative Reuse Stores are popping up all over - what a great way to reuse things that would otherwise just become landfill.

Here's a snippet from the Pittsburgh Creative Reuse Store Blog:  

"Every day tons of reusable materials  are sent to local landfills. Some of these items can no longer be used  for their original purpose, but lend themselves to being used in  creative ways. Many are not accepted by existing re-use organizations  and recycling programs. Examples include outdated inventory, overstock,  samples, production mistakes, and packing materials."

What a great concept!  Individuals can donate as well. I need to reorganize my art room & will donate what I can determine I won't use so someone else has a chance at them.

It has limited hours so I went this past Saturday morning and was delighted at the variety they had to offer.  I also like that their
website lists what they currently have in stock:

Fabric, sewing notions, wood, colorful plastic tubing,embroidery thread,  craft kits, wooden shapes to paint, vinyl wallpaper samples, colored  paper and Formica samples, carpet samples, cards, envelopes, dried and  silk flowers, overstock jewelry, ceramic animals to paint, pompoms,  small glass jars, metal cases and MORE in every category.

And this specialty fabric is to die for!  Great for making Halloween costumes or costuming dolls.  The local theatre buys a ton and doesn't have use for the scraps.  

Ooooooo - pretty! : - )

The prices cannot be beaten with a stick!  There were small metal cases that are only 50¢ a pop, less if bought in bulk.  I found & bought a large stash of Styrofoam balls for about 25¢ apiece. Having only spent about $18, I come home with 2 bags jammed to the handles with great stuff to use as embellishments! 

I'll probably try to visit once a month until I figure out what the turnover is.

Oh, I do love a good hunt! 

Should you wish to check it out for yourself, provided you are in the neighborhood, it's located in The Stahr Center, Lower Level, Rm. B-5, 438 N. Queen St.  in Lancaster, PA. (It's the old National Guard Armory building.)

Hours are:  
MONDAYS   10-6  
THURSDAYS         10-2
SATURDAYS          9-Noon 
FIRST FRIDAYS    5-9 p.m.

October's STJ Offerings


This was a piece I started months ago but abandoned.  Other ideas will crowd in to my head and sometimes it seems if I don't get it started it'll slip away from me.  Oh...did I mention I almost never sketch out an idea first.  Go figure.  I really suspect I have Adult ADD.  

Anyway, from time to time I'll pick up one of my unfinished projects and look at it with fresh eyes.  I wish I had done more with the expression.  I think if he's going to feed a cute anthropomorphic piece of candy corn (and a horrified one at that!) to his friend the mouse, he should look a little less, I dunno, pleased about it.  

Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out.