Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forgive Me, Bloggers...

...for abandoning my blog! Not at all intentional. Sometimes life just gets in the way. In any event, since last I posted, I have finished (almost) the pondless waterfall, married off a daughter, had a womans' hernia-type surgery and am currently in the process of recovery. Here is the most recent photo of the pondless waterfall all finished except for the back of the waterfall.  I don't have the right connection at the waterfall box -it's male and should be female (go figure!) but will wait until next spring to tear it apart & fix it.  My husband also claims to miss having an actual pond so I may open the area beneath the falls.  There is a kidney shaped basin there that's about 4' x 3'.  Right now it has crates in it to support the hardware (metal) cloth that the smaller river rocks rest upon to give the illusion of a streambed.  I'll have to sketch out the area regarding the current placement of plants because there are several I want to move and need to wait till fall to do so.  I stupidly placed a pampas grass where it blocks the view of the waterfall from the patio beside it so that will have to go to the other side. 

The birds absolutely love the streambed and during nesting season many called it home.  All this had to be done before my surgery because as I was told by my doctor, "Lifting as you now know it is OVER".  Harsh words to someone who thinks nothing of giving hard laborious tasks like the rock slinging involved in this project a second thought.  He also said he wants this repair to last 45 years.  LOL...I told him I don't plan on living THAT long (95!).  

And then in mid July, my lovely daughter Falan was wed.   It was a gorgeous outside ceremony on a rainy day but she shone like the sun.

Just before my surgery in mid August we went on a tour of the Battlefield at Gettysburg which is just about a hours drive from my home.  We went on a 12 hour tour as guests of my sons' history professor who gives tours there for $55 a pop so ours was free and included a ghost tour!  I got a picture of an orb (see upper left next to the tree) in the Nat'l Soldiers Cemetary at dusk and while some might argue that it looks like the moon, the 14th of August was overcast all day and it was mid-month so no full moon there.

I also got some very neat pics of the scenery incuding these cattle-

This fenceline-

And Sachs Bridge (a very haunted bridge - 220 suicides from it recorded since the Civil War)

And last but not least, last Tuesday we went to Roots, a local Farmers Market that includes a flea market & just as I was thinking surely I'm going to find some little gem worth taking home,  I spied this darling but old and beat up Jack Russell wind up toy.  His fabric was dirty and hanging but his movement was jerky and he worked in fits and starts (at least his spring was not sprung!) so I forked over the $8 bucks he was asking, took him home & partially opened him up, gave all the joints and the spring a drop of light machine oil, closed him up wound him up & off he went!  Yay! Glued up the fur and voila!  Another vintage Jack Russell collectible...

So that is what I've been up to, aside from working on art here and there. I finally have a piece for the Queens Boutique and I'm currently working on my next STJ piece so