Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Haunters Convention for me this year : - (

WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!  I Really, Really wanted to make it to the Halloween Convention today but fate conspired against me!  

Yesterday's weather was so beautiful I told hubby we should take advantage of it & go get dirt to fill in the pond.  A coworker has clean fill and offered it to me for free! The weather forecast called for T-storms on Sunday so I thought that would be the better day to go to the convention. 

Since the hours of the show were 9-3 on Sunday I thought we'd get an early start but hubby chose to let me sleep in (till 9:30!) and it takes over an hour to drive to the convention site.  But when middle daughter went to leave she discovered her battery was dead & her dad had to charge it the night before so I spent all the rest of the morning hunting down an affordable battery for her car.  It didn't help that hubby neglected to tell us we needed the dead battery to exchange for price break so the first trip was a waste.

My eldest daughter's bridal shower is next Saturday so I did use the shopping trip to get the gift for the games.

Ugh!  Don't get me started on the lack of good manners for RSVPing!  Of the 40 people invited only 13 did so.  3 others got the message to me thru other people.  For the rest I put a general notice on my daughter's facebook wall so hope to get a few responses there.  One of these girls who didn't respond is bridesmaid!  Granted she is from out-of-town but you'd think it would be doubly important that she'd respond.

I sure hope she has better luck with responses to her wedding!

Some people thrive on planning these events but unfortunately I'm not one of them.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!