Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just stopped in to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's nice to have all the kids in the house together at the same time. We always love to reminisce and tell funny antidotes about their childhood. For instance, there is my youngest, Dylan, famous for his spoonerisms around ages 4 and 5; "My dad's out lowing the mawn" and his foreshortening of certain words - "Goutta here" for "Get out of here" & "Gwoffa me" for "Get off of me" & "Get aray!" for "Get away!" for I was always tackling him to hug & kiss his neck. I can never quite remember how he mangled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but it was barely recognizable & totally endearing.

Sigh, I love 'em at that age.

I've made an observation from reviewing my feedjit for traffic reporting at the bottom right of my blog. It's fascinating to see where everyone is coming from. Recently there has been a big influx of international visitors to my blog via a google search for Humpty's Fall.

I have a post in January of this year regarding the sculpt I did using a goose egg that I carefully broke apart to use as Humpty, post fall. It was for a group challenge for the now (sad to say) defunct artists' web group MRSBO (Mrs Blathersbys Orphanage for the Unattractive and Mentally Unsound). The theme of the challenge was Storybook Victims. Anyway, of 50 listings that feedjit displays, approximately two/fifths of them came here via a google search for "humpty's fall". I am dying of curiosity as to why there is a sudden search for the words "Humpty's Fall".

I am hoping at least one of them will read this current post and explain it to me.


Friday, November 20, 2009

BWBA Group- 1st Year Anniversary Blog Giveaway!

WOOHOO! It's BWBA's 1st year anniversary and we're celebrating by having a blog giveaway!

One year ago marks the birth of the Ebay Artists Group - "Because We Believe- Art" that I started with my good friends Tammy, of Light and Shadow Studio and Karen, of I Draw Pix and now to celebrate we are having a blog giveaway!

As you know, as a group, We Believe in the Magic of the Holidays, the Tooth Fairy, Monsters under the Bed and all other sorts of magical and mythical flights of fancy and have decided to share that with you, our Followers.

So tonight begins the signup that will last for 2 weeks for 12-14 different handmade ooak ornies created by the generous and talented members of our group. There will be 3 ways to get your name in the hat & rules are simple:

#1. Be or become a follower of BWBA

After taking care of rule # 1 - Leave a comment on the Give-away Thread (simply say, "I Believe" will do if you've nothing else to say)

Post to your own blog an announcement about our give-away or better yet provide a link-back to our blog (but please let us know you've done so by posting in your comment-see rule #2)!

The drawing for winners will be on December 5th and hopefully we'll be ready to announce the winners on the 6th.

Click the Blog button to the right to get there! Hope you'll join the fun, see you there!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

STJ Sneaky Peeky & BWBA Blog News

Sheeez, poor neglected bloggie.

And I only have time to post a sneak peek at this months SpookytimeJingles offering set to pop at midnight tonight. I have these great little penguin gourds that lend themselves to many great body shapes. For my Halloween page entry, I've cut up a bigger bottle gourd to attach to a small penguin gourd for the wings and a tail of an owl. Then I pretty much amazed myself when I googled images of flying barn owls for coloration I found a profile image of an owl in flight that my concoction replicates to a "T" proportion-wise. Sometimes, try as I might to distort proportion to add whimsy, I've found that realism has crept on in or I've gotten too detailed. Many projects stop dead in their tracks because I've added too much detail. Anyway, here's a look at my "Gliding Barn Owl"

For my Christmas page I again took a very strong cue from the penguin gourds and made two darling li'l penguin chicks. It helped that I had just recently watch "March of the Penguins" on The Weather Channel. For these two I did manage to capture the fun & whimsy. This is Chilly and Willy and they've been glitterized. Hard to see in the pics. They are 8-9" tall.

And WOOHOO...We're planning a blog giveaway over at BWBA! There are 7 members commited to donating a handmade ornie so far and I just put out a last call to the rest to see if any more want to jump on board. And all ya have to do is be (or become) a follower and post a comment saying "I Believe!" in the giveaway thread. We're going to start this the weekend before Thanksgiving and run it for about two weeks to give folks plenty of time to spread the word.