Friday, November 12, 2010

STJ's November Update...

Tonight's the night!  And I've got both an update for Halloween and Christmas as I slacked on taking advantage of the prime Halloween selling season on ebay.  Oh well!  If I stay one step ahead I won't get caught short if something comes up.

So first off is my Grinning Black Cat Treat Bowl.  7" high and about 10" ear to ear.  The interior is painted orange.

And for Christmas, I've this Santa.  He's pretty big at about 13".  I had him offered before but then he had no legs or base and was painted in soft metallic blue/greens.  Nor did he have anything in his hands.  Now his base sports sheet music for Jolly Old St. Nicholaus and he carries a festive wreath and candy canes.

Both the cat & St. Nick are made from dried hardshell gourds.  Look for them tonight at Midnight on STJ!

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