Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lancaster (PA's) Creative Reuse Store!

How exciting! My location now has a Creative Reuse Store! It's been promoted on my local news so I thought I'd go take a gander.

Creative Reuse Stores are popping up all over - what a great way to reuse things that would otherwise just become landfill.

Here's a snippet from the Pittsburgh Creative Reuse Store Blog:  

"Every day tons of reusable materials  are sent to local landfills. Some of these items can no longer be used  for their original purpose, but lend themselves to being used in  creative ways. Many are not accepted by existing re-use organizations  and recycling programs. Examples include outdated inventory, overstock,  samples, production mistakes, and packing materials."

What a great concept!  Individuals can donate as well. I need to reorganize my art room & will donate what I can determine I won't use so someone else has a chance at them.

It has limited hours so I went this past Saturday morning and was delighted at the variety they had to offer.  I also like that their
website lists what they currently have in stock:

Fabric, sewing notions, wood, colorful plastic tubing,embroidery thread,  craft kits, wooden shapes to paint, vinyl wallpaper samples, colored  paper and Formica samples, carpet samples, cards, envelopes, dried and  silk flowers, overstock jewelry, ceramic animals to paint, pompoms,  small glass jars, metal cases and MORE in every category.

And this specialty fabric is to die for!  Great for making Halloween costumes or costuming dolls.  The local theatre buys a ton and doesn't have use for the scraps.  

Ooooooo - pretty! : - )

The prices cannot be beaten with a stick!  There were small metal cases that are only 50¢ a pop, less if bought in bulk.  I found & bought a large stash of Styrofoam balls for about 25¢ apiece. Having only spent about $18, I come home with 2 bags jammed to the handles with great stuff to use as embellishments! 

I'll probably try to visit once a month until I figure out what the turnover is.

Oh, I do love a good hunt! 

Should you wish to check it out for yourself, provided you are in the neighborhood, it's located in The Stahr Center, Lower Level, Rm. B-5, 438 N. Queen St.  in Lancaster, PA. (It's the old National Guard Armory building.)

Hours are:  
MONDAYS   10-6  
THURSDAYS         10-2
SATURDAYS          9-Noon 
FIRST FRIDAYS    5-9 p.m.


The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Josie, I'm going to have to make a trip up to Lancaster and check this place out! LOL
Thanks for the post. Hope all is well. Are you going to the STJ Soriee? I'll be there, I hope we get to finally meet each other.
Have a great Tuesday, and hopefully I'll see you on Friday.

Skeleton In My Closet said...

Hi Michelle! If you come to make a trip to the store, remember they are only open Mondays 10-6, Saturday Mornings 9-12 and the First Friday of each month 5-9 pm.

No, I didn't participate in the Soiree, it was my birthday weekend (the BIG 5-0h). That would have been nice to meet you : - )

Pattee said...

I want one of those!!!!

Oh No I was in New Hope Penn.... was I so close to you and didn't get to see you?????????

I got to meet Mish!

PS Happy Birthday!