Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spookytime Jingles now on Ebay!

Spookytime Jingle-Where Sweet and Spooky Commingle is now on Ebay!  Our acronym will be STJ365 so typing that into the Ebay search bar will bring up STJ offerings!  How exciting is that!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, weekends with good (but hot & humid!) weather have been spent trucking our pickup back & forth to a coworkers house who has offered clean fill of which we are using to fill in the majority of my pond. 12 scoops so far and since we are hauling it ourselves that means shoveling it off the pickup and then spreading it to where we want it once it's in the cavity.  

Since I'm changing it into a pondless waterfall with a short streambed I spent yesterday digging out the footprint for the catch basin - a small 90 gallon preformed pond with included giving it a level base then backfilling around it AND relocating my skimmer box which will find new use as as the basin the stream dumps into.  It will still house the pump to get the water back up to the waterfall but I have to seal up the side opening where the weir was.  The real pain of digging it a new hole was that I had left in the old blankets in that lined the old pond as protection for the liner against sharp rocks and tree roots so when we encountered them we had to stop & cut through them.  The skimmer is 36" tall & the lip has to be below the level of the stream.  Sweat was literally pouring off of me for most of the day.  

Apparently I had lost so much water weight my sister commented on it last night even though I assured her I had just been to the doctor and weighed the same as I always do.  Too bad it's not permanent.  My sunburn got sunburn and I am all bit up between the skeeters and the gnats and the pond still resembles a great muddy hole - this is a wetter spring than even last year so it doesn't help that the dirt is weighted down with water.  I feel a bit like a pig wallowing around in it's mudhole.  These are the times when a shower never felt so good!

From this:


To this:


The blob in the center is the 90 gallon basin wrapped up in the old liner with the edges rolled up & covering it.  The mound of dirt in the center is covered with an old piece of carpet and that will be the 'island' that the stream bed borders. I will unroll the liner and then cut out a hole for the center island. I'd have to rate my progress as being 40% done.  I will purchase the waterfall box this week & relocate the pump hose today.

I know, I know, it WAS beautiful but it was also becoming too much work and with most of the fish dying off this winter it was the perfect excuse to make the change.  This will have no fish and I am only keeping the marginal plants - those that live at the edges of streams so it will stay much cleaner.  I also filled in the bird pond because this new one will serve that purpose so there's no need to have both.

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