Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making Progress...

Yay!  I'm finally making some headway.  I took off Monday and Tuesday to labor on the pond redo and got quite a lot accomplished.  I made the hardware cloth (wire) cover for the waterfall catch basin that will eventually be camouflaged with rocks and stone.  I trimmed the liner and got the central mound cut out and ready to plant.  I also got a chance to test the flow.  Hubby suggested I use the black compost bin for the waterfall to get some height. I'll just have to cut a hole in the side for the hose but I think it will work.  The only investment I made so far was in the waterfall box itself, I've been able to reuse everything else; liner, pump, hose and skimmer box.

A few hours later, the mound is planted and the rocks and stone are placed in the streambed.  For the time being I have the return basin (my skimmer box) that houses the pump covered with a flagstone so no random critters accidentally fall in.

My next phase will be to make a hardware cloth top for the skimmer box so that can support the rocks and stones that will be placed on it. It will also need to be easily accessible as I will need to clean out the pump & box once or twice a year. It'll beat having to maintain an entire pond! I'll have to stop soon so all my cuts, scratches and bruises heal before my daughters' wedding -a little over 3 weeks away (Eek!)!


The Frog Queen said...

Looking good!! Good luck with the rest of the project!!


Trish said...

I can't wait to see the finished project. Can you come and make me one?

Halloween Spirit said...

Lots of work! Love your blog Josie! Hey you need the song that I have on my blog! Go listen to it! It's called "Skeleton in the closet"