Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting There...

Whew....all done.  Taxes are out of the way & most of the pieces I'm sending to the convention have been sent.  I'm trying to get a few smaller pieces done and I've got to help plan my daughter's bridal shower for May 8th.  

Throw in to mix a pond that I'm in the process of redoing.  I've had it for about ten years now and usually do a full cleanout every spring.  Now that I'm approaching 50 it was just getting to be too much work.  Mother Nature helped me decide once & for all when my fish were struck down hard this year by fungus and most of my fish died before I realized what was going on.  I nursed the remaining 12 back to health and gave them to a coworker.  The lower pond has been emptied and the liner removed.

My plan is to do a pondless waterfall with a streambed to attract birds.  This means filling in most of the pond - an area of about 9x12 that's 30" deep.  The same co-worker I gave the fish to has the clean fill to give me.  Her husband has a backhoe and we've got a pickup so all we have to do is go get it & then SHOVEL it from the truck bed into the pond.  Not sure how many loads it ill take but my guess is about three.  Anyway, that will take some planning as well and may not even see completion this year.  I guess I'll have to repot most of my pond plants and sell them.  They won't fit in with what I have in mind.

Since telling my hubby of my plans he took the opportunity to talk me into closing up my bird pond.  The one I set up when we had a huge maple stump ground out and were left with a large depression in the ground.  He was not fond of it because it was shallow (easily warmed) and the algae was aggressive -it needed constant tending to look nice.   Since we have a young catalpa tree planted there we'll mound it up and landscape around it. Maybe I'll eventually link the two areas.

I guess I'm going to have to moderate comments as well so I can block the Chinese sex website spammer...:::sigh::: it's always something...


Light and Shadow Studio said...

Kind of sad to hear about your gorgeous pond, but I understand, it's a lot of work to keep up with. Glad to hear you are having Chinese sex...uh, that is what you said wasn't it??? Spice

Brenda LaBell said...

Josie, you have a full plate and than some!! Sorry to hear about the pond, your pond was one of the prettest I have ever seen but I so understand the work it involves which is exactly why I never put one in. I'll be happy enjoying others. A bridal shower and wedding lots of work there too, but it will be well worth it seeing your daughters smiling face.

LOL Tammy, hahahahahhaha

Try to breath Josie and have a great week!!