Friday, March 12, 2010

New Peeks for STJ- Humpty and Li'l Charmer!

Here's my latest sneak peeks for April's STJ Issue. This is a bobble Humpty.  I started him late last year & just got around to finishing his wall mount & base. 

 His armature is an actual L'eggs pantyhose plastic egg.  Who remembers those packaging containers? I found these at a yard sale last summer in a bag with styro balls and instantly thought Humpty.  

This is my third interpretation of Humpty.  Humpty #1 was made in '07 and was similar to this but smaller.  Humpty #2 was called "After the Fall" and was made of a goose egg that I broke apart then reinforced with a coating of Liqua-shay. I  sculpted on that in pieces then  arranged it to look as if he had fallen and broken into bits.  Casting resin was also used to mimic egg white.  

Here is Joanie with a Halloween Makeover.  Now known as Li'l Charmer.  I tried to remake the bunny into a black cat but it just became bulky so this kitty is made of paperclay.  I think this look suits her better, don't you?


Light and Shadow Studio said...

You always amaze me! You produce some of the most original art out there my friend. Love them both!

ODD imagination said...

I love them! So much character and so much fun. Humpty is getting ready to crash... poor fellow. :o)

Brenda LaBell said...

Love your creations and these are no exception, love them both!!


Pattee said...

OMG Josie I love these new pieces~~~ I think you are one of the most talented women I know!!!

MarZel said...

Wonderful interpretation...I just love him!!

Debbie H said...

Josie, your fascination with Humpty always pays off. You can come up with more interpretations of the Humpster than any other human being alive. I wish I had your brain!!!!!!