Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Castle Bootique

Seems like we have a winner! Thanks Gourdie for all your hard work getting the Bootique off the ground.

My Party Girl kitty (see pic below) sold to a fellow artist (Thanks Karen!) and The Mad Hatter sold to a previous buyer of Alf the Elf (Thanks Barbara!)! This is my second piece to Karen as well : - ). I feel honored by both and take their interest as the highest of compliments.

Please take a look as there are still some great stuff available from some very talented artists!

Joanie is posted for sale on STJ but is currently unavailable as she is receiving a Halloween makeover. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

idrawpix said...

I can't wait to for the Party Girl to arrive!! And, Joanie's makeover sounds very intriging!