Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And the Cheshire Cat too!

Another entry for the Malice in Wonderland challenge in AHQU. This time it's the Chesire Cat with a decidely evil grin. He stands almost 8" high, is sculpted of Clay Shay and Apoxie sculpt on a sturdy dried hard shell pear gourd. I tried a new finish which gives him a look like he's rusty cast iron. I'm hoping to get both him & Mad up on ebay tonight for a 5-day auction since I missed listing on Sunday night.


Gourdqueen said...

SCREAMING again Jozay!
He does look a little pissed off!
He is without a doubt ONE OF A KIND!
I think I would have to keep him!

idrawpix said...

Josie! Talk about an evil grin!! Delightful!!!

dlabell said...

Very cool Josie, love the rusty finish look!!


Pattee said...

LOL Josie thank you for your comment about my WIP witch on a stick...

I love your Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter